PowerNet Baseball Net 7x7 (RED)

PowerNet Baseball Net 7x7 (RED)

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PowerNet Baseball Softball Net 7x7

Baseball Training Net with bow frame by PowerNet® offers coaches a convenient and affordable way to make the most out of the practices.  Practice anywhere with the perfect baseball net.

The PowerNet® 7x7 Baseball Net is a durable and portable baseball softball net perfect for tee-ball practice, in-field practice, soft-toss, and softball and baseball pitching practice. The Flex design allows the slight bend of the poles to allow for flex and the result is a sturdy structural net that will resist all levels of pitching, throwing, and hitting stress.

Each Set Includes:

  • 7x7 Big Red Mouth Pocket Net
  • Durable Frame
  • 4 Ground Stakes
  • 40" Shoulder Bag
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Key Features:

  • Wide 7 ft x 7 ft Net with Big Red Mouth Pocket outlined target makes collecting the balls easy and quick
  • Easy and quick setup and teardown and easy to follow instructions provided
  • Strong and durable fiberglass with bow frame and steel construction makes it lightweight (only 15 lbs)
  • Multiple training applications: pitching, hitting, soft toss, infield practices, and throwing drills
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels; for use with baseball and softball

The PowerNet® is made for the serious baseball or softball athlete with one goal in mind, and train hard and develop the necessary skills to compete at a higher level.  Our portable baseball nets allows the freedom and convenience to setup practice anywhere and anytime.  Play and train on the baseball or softball field, or simply setup the PowerNet® baseball nets at home for quick hitting sessions.  Our net fits the use of the perfect: baseball / softball batting net, baseball / softball pitching net, baseball / softball throwing net, and especially developing the perfect swing for tee ball and soft toss.  Place your order and you'll find out how versatile and durable our PowerNet baseball nets really is.  All nets come with 1 year warranty.

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